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Use of Metal Stamping is Key to Aerospace Industry Success

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Metal stamping offers the ability to produce a high volume of parts quickly and to exacting specifications. It is the perfect manufacturing solution for the aerospace industry where there is no margin for error, and safety in flight is of paramount concern. Precision is the keyword and that involves everything from gauges to metal fabricated parts and component equipment.

The Benefits of Precision Metal Stamping

Many industries call for metal stamping and metal fabricated parts because there is no room to compromise precision, durability, and strength for their needs. These industries include the medical, automotive, electronics, electrical and aerospace industry.

Metal stamping offers these benefits, particularly for high-volume production projects:

  • Lower cost when producing multiple units of the same part due to less labor for each unit.
  • Lower error rate due to automated processes, shorter production times and less opportunity for worker error.
  • Production is precise which is a perfect solution for projects that have tight tolerance requirements.
  • Production is efficient due to the use of technology and machinery used for designing and producing each part. And, less scrap material remains.
  • Flexibility to address production challenges.

What Equipment is Used?

The following equipment is used in precise metal stamping and fabrication for the aerospace industry:

  • Complex tooling including metal stamping dies, fixtures and jigs, gauges and in-process tooling, and details for existing dies.
  • Metal stamping with press capacity ranging from 45 Tons to 200 Tons, along with the capability of a single hit, progressive and draw dies.
  • Wire EDM (Electronic Discharge Machining), which is a high-precision method of cutting any electrically conductive material.

The range of metals used in these processes includes ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and precious metals. High-quality metals specific to the aerospace industry include steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, cold-rolled steel, and titanium.

Metal Stamping Capabilities

The technology and equipment used in precision metal stamping results in offering a range of excellent precision-made parts frequently used by the aerospace industry. This includes customized small metal stampings such as:

  • Assemblies
  • Brackets
  • Bushings
  • Clips
  • Lead Frames
  • Shields
  • Terminals
  • Wire Forms

How Do You Get the Benefits of Precision Metal Stamping?

Choose an expert metal stamping company for your precision aerospace industry needs:

  • Look for experience and skill. Evaluate the number of years they have been in this industry to get a good idea of the knowledge they will bring to your project.
  • Look for a great reputation, both for exacting production quality and for superior customer service.
  • Look for versatility to accomplish the multi-faceted production challenges that you face.
  • Make a personal visit to evaluate the equipment used and to look at examples of projects that have been successfully completed. Make sure that the technology and equipment match the high precision standards that you are looking for.

Find Precision in Metal Stamping

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