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Why Metal Stamping is Crucial for the Defense Industry

metal stamping defense industry

The more you look at fabricating metal parts, the more you come to appreciate how precision metal stamping provides superior solutions to many industries including electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace, and the defense industry. Each of these industries requires precision for dependability and safety. Metal stamping has been around for over 100 years and continues to grow. On the surface, it appears to be a simple process of pressing a die against sheet metal, but it is more complex and impressive than that.

The Value of Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is a cost-effective and fast means to produce large quantities of complex metal parts. The manufacturing process uses a number of design and metal forming techniques to supply components that have several important and valuable qualities:

  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Low cost
  • Fast production time

Why Metal Stamping is Crucial for the Defense Industry

In all aspects of a defense system, there can be no weak points. The equipment, instrumentation, transportation and aerospace systems, all the way to the smallest components including gauges and assembles must be built so there is no tolerance for error. All aspects must be reliable, durable and trustworthy. Precision and quality are the most important aspects of the defense industry because all the equipment and components are mission-critical. The high-level production requirements require precise processes, advanced technology expertise, and superior tools. Also required are an experienced and disciplined staff including design engineers, tool and die makers and skilled equipment operators who can execute complex metal stamping operations with precision.

What is Required?

Complex, precise and efficient metal stamping for the defense industry requires:

Extensive design expertise. You need the sophisticated ability to tackle challenging assignments to create specific tooling for your production needs. That design experience leads to produce tooling for:

  • Metal stamping dies
  • Fixtures and Jigs
  • Gauges and in-process tooling

Comprehensive full-service stamping capabilities – including press capacity ranging from 45 tons to 200 tons and capable of producing items as varied as a simple washer or bracket to a complex assembly.

Wire EDM high precision machining – a high-precision method of cutting any electrically conductive material with extreme accuracy. As well, providing extremely small hole-drilling capabilities.

The choice of metals to be used depends on the attributes, both functional and aesthetic, for the parts needed. These include:

  • Precious metals such as silver and platinum
  • Ferrous metals including stainless steel
  • Non-ferrous metals including brass and bronze
  • Non-standard alloys including nickel and copper alloys

Producing materials, parts, and components with the ultra-tight tolerances needed by the defense industry require state-of-the-art equipment, sophisticated production equipment, highly skilled engineers and equipment operators and a superior quality assurance process.

The Advantages of Metal Stamping

The advantages to the defense industry for metal stamping include a high level of automation and lower die and secondary costs, compared to other types of processes. This high-tech automated process provides great precision, fast production, and quick turnaround.

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