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Choosing a Metal Stamping Provider

metal stamping provider

In today’s technologically oriented world, there is a high demand for top-quality production. Metal stamping has grown to be a leading option for the manufacture of precision components. Quality metal stamping can produce custom high-quality precision parts in a very reliable cost-efficient way.

Advantages of Precision Metal Stamping

Quality metal stamping is a mostly automated manufacturing process using machinery equipped with dies to cut custom shapes into sheet metal, forming parts or tools. It offers the following advantages in the manufacture of metal parts:

  • A high degree of precision and tight tolerances.
  • Significant cost savings in the reduction of labor costs.
  • Consistent quality. Stamping occurs in less time and with fewer opportunities for worker error.
  • Efficient materials use.

How to Ensure Quality and Precision When Choosing a Metal Stamping Provider

When looking for a quality metal stamping provider to deliver your critical projects, consider the following selection criteria:

Significant Experience

How long has the supplier been in business and what types of components have they stamped in the past? What types of intricate parts have been produced? What has been their experience with tight tolerances and complex bends? Is there clear evidence of the growth in technology driving the supplier’s capabilities?

Expertise in Designing and Building Precision Metal Stamping Dies

With both design and build experience, a supplier will know how to achieve the highest quality and efficiency in production. As well, they will be best skilled at handling any unplanned stamping issues.

Range of Equipment and Processes Used

Does the supplier have the press options, methods of tooling and production processes to meet your needs? Do they also have the ability to use the range of metals necessary for your projects?

Process Control Expertise

The supplier should have strong qualifications and skills in process control to ensure high-quality job production.

Quality Certifications

Examine the supplier’s quality certifications as a clear measure of quality performance.

Die Maintenance Program

Having a die maintenance program will maximize the life of the specific die involved and optimize the life cycle cost of your stamped component.

Delivery Track Record

Examine the supplier’s delivery record to see how the supplier has been able to quote good delivery time frames and more importantly, to deliver on time.

Running Speeds

Achieving faster run speeds while still delivering quality will result in the best pricing for your projects. Is the supplier able to meet your budget expectations?

Spare Tooling

What is the supplier’s approach to spare tooling? Spare tooling will maximize the likelihood of success for each production project.

The Fine Details

Ask how the quality metal stamping provider will address all the fine details of a project, including key features, machining tolerances, quality expectations, and scheduling.

Customer Service

Ask about the supplier’s approach to customer service. Will they work closely with you to respond to your needs, address your questions and any issues; treating you as a partner in your project?

Applications for Metal Stamping

Quality metal stamping is in high demand for applications that require high levels of precision. That includes parts in consumer goods and many industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical equipment
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Appliance
  • Agriculture
  • Hardware

Seek Proven Expertise for Your Quality Metal Stamping Needs

Contact Velocity Metalworks, serving the Greater St. Louis area and the Midwest. We have been recognized as a valuable partner in the metal stamping industry for our strong tool design and build competency. With our metal stamping capacity, precision machining services and EDM capacity, we provide the superior experience, precision, and quality you can depend on.