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Which Industries Rely on Custom Metal Stamping?

custom metal staming door

Custom metal stamping is a huge part of the manufacturing of equipment, electronics, vehicles, tools, and appliances, and a wide array of precision processes are required to produce the very detailed components necessary to make all those finished assemblies work properly. In order to manufacture those parts, it’s necessary to use metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, steel, and steel alloys, many of which start out as metal sheets before they are subjected to metal stamping technology, which causes them to undergo the necessary transformation.

Custom metal stamping technology incorporates a number of processes and tools which are all crucial to producing high-quality components needed for the finished assemblies. Some of those processes include bending, forming, planking, coining, laser cutting, and progressive die stamping. Having passed through this initial phase of metal stamping, a secondary process is often needed to improve the performance of some components, or to prolong their lifespan. Some of these processes include grinding, riveting, tapping, de-burring, and powder coating and plating. Here are some of the end industries which make greatest use of metal stamping technology and the components produced by the processes involved in metal stamping.

Hardware Industry

Many stamped metal parts are used in the hardware industry for things like doors, cabinets, lighting fixtures, shelves, and switches. As comprehensive as the catalog of hardware parts is, that’s almost how diverse the number of stamped metal parts exist which are consumed by the hardware industry. Of the many thousands of hardware parts, some of the most commonly needed metal stamped products are nuts, bolts, washers, screws, and hinges.

Construction Industry

One of the hallmarks of the construction industry is the durability required by materials it uses, and the harsh conditions which often prevail on construction sites. This kind of wear and tear is best handled by metal stamped products which are up to the rigorous standards required by the industry. Metal stamped parts can maintain their integrity even under tremendous stresses and temperatures, and some of the high-strength alloy components produced by metal stamping, are ideal for usage in all kinds of construction applications.

Electrical Components

As you might think, a great deal of precision is required by some of the very small electrical components used for various electronics applications. There are countless numbers of stamped metal parts which are used for electronics, because the tremendous precision of the metal stamping process is exactly what’s needed by electrical components with no tolerance for failure. Clips, covers, and sensitive electronic assemblies are just a few of the metal stamped products used in the electronics industry.


Appliances come in all sizes and shapes, and have all different kinds of functions around the home, office, and for industrial usage. This generates an enormous demand for precision components which can withstand prolonged usage, and which still remain absolutely reliable. Metal stamped parts are critical for the manufacture of microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, trash compactors, fryers, freezers, and ice machines.

Various Fasteners

Whenever fasteners are being used to hold two objects together, it’s critical that they be made to withstand strains without failing, and that they have a long lifespan while performing their critical functions. Metal stamped products are used in a great many types of fasteners, including automotive projects, customized brackets, latch assemblies, locking mechanism for tools, and other kinds of fasteners.

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