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How the Metal Stamping Industry Has Evolved

Metal Stamping Industry

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process used widely in the United States and throughout the world because it can efficiently produce thousands of identical parts, made to exacting specifications and often to extremely tight tolerances. Manufacturing using metal stamping has been in use in the United States for nearly 130 years and today, the metal stamping industry is well-developed and widely used in the production of many high-quality products.

The History of Metal Stamping

  • 1890’s. Stamped parts were used in the production of bicycles in Germany and imported into the United States. Thereafter, U.S. companies began having stamping machines custom-built, creating the first metal manufacturers.
  • 1900’s. The industrial revolution started to spread its influence across the United States and with that came the realization that faster and cheaper parts could be made using metal stamping. Consequently, American metal manufacturers flourished.
  • 1910’s. An innovator in the assembly line production process, Henry Ford, was finally convinced to adopt metal stamping in the production of Ford automobile parts. Production demands confirmed the wisdom of this efficient and quality-focused production method.
  • 1920’s. American manufacturing production continued its rapid growth, including the development of new industries. The metal stamping industry grew as well, adding different post-production stamping materials, including plating and finishing.
  • 1950’s. The post World War II economic boom caused a significant expansion in most industries and metal stamping surged accordingly.
  • Metal fabrication is an essential part of many industries and metal stamping is a key component of metal fabrication. In the United States, metal stamping is currently a $42 billion dollar industry, and the global market for metal stamping is projected to reach nearly $300 billion dollars by 2025.

Various Industries Rely on Metal Stamping

The metal stamping industry has superb applications for the following industries:

  • Automotive, where vehicles are becoming faster, sturdier and filled with the latest technology. Key components include airbags, structural elements, brakes, body parts, sensors, and fuel injectors.
  • Medical, involving highly precise medical tools.
  • Aerospace, where there is clearly no room for errors in flight. Components include precise gauges, various equipment and metal fabricated parts of many types.
  • Defense, involving everything from ammunition, precision equipment, transportation, minute assemblies and instrumentation.
  • Consumer electronics, with products of many types.
  • Electrical and other electronics products.
  • The growing solar industry.
  • Agriculture, involving parts for equipment and automated processing.

Trends Influencing Continued Growth of the Metal Stamping Industry

The increasing use of metal stamping is driving innovation across industries, along with both competition and collaboration, resulting in better, stronger and more useful products.

Trends include:

  1. Responding to the manufacturing return to the United States from offshore production (called “reshoring.”) Precision metal stamping will be well-placed to address increased manufacturing needs.
  2. Rising production attributed to solar paneling. Metal stamping is well-positioned to service this growing industry.
  3. Integrating increased automation into production. This facilitates higher production rates at lower unit costs. Advanced production equipment offers outstanding precision and speed for optimizing production.
  4. The continued drive for durability and quality is served well by the metal stamping industry.

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