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5 Reasons to Choose a Local Metal Stamping Company

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You’ve decided that you need metal fabrication services. You may have a need for a company to design and build complex tooling equipment that will enable you to have smarter and more efficient production. Or, perhaps, you may need metal fabrication of items or parts to satisfy your operating or sales plans. It’s time to choose a local metal stamping company.

5 Reasons to Choose a Local Metal Stamping Company

Ensure great production quality through eyeball-to-eyeball contact with the company. It is easier (and certainly a lot more convenient) to meet with the company’s representative when the company is located fairly close-by. Face-to-face meetings will improve the clarity of communicating your needs. And, a nearby location will improve your ability to review production quality.

A personal local relationship will increase your confidence in the work to be performed and will likely put you in a better position for additional services in the future since you will know the company and have a stronger feel for its capabilities, character and customer service.

Save yourself some time. Instead of traipsing across the country, you can get your needs met while improving the quality of your communications. In addition, you’ll save shipping time so that you can get the products that you need more quickly in order to accelerate your revenue stream.

Save some money. Choosing a local metal stamping company will save you shipping expenses and selecting a company with full fabrication capability in-house, will ensure you of the most cost-efficient production.

You can build your community and the region by conducting business with local experts. Local businesses generate more revenues and more tax dollars to support the community’s needs.

How to Choose Your Metal Fabrication Professionals

Consider these characteristics as you select your local metal stamping company:

How much experience does the company have? Do they have a depth of experience in the specific fabrication areas that you require?

What is their reputation for quality? Examine the areas of their expertise and carefully review their work. Will the company guarantee their work? Every project should have its own production plan, quality process, and inspection procedure.

Find out if the company has the machining tools and skills to master your needs.

Confirm that the company has the production capacity to meet your needs in a timely way.

Customer service. You will want to determine, through references and your personal contact, that the customer service of the company is ethical and operates with very high relationship standards.

Capabilities You May Need

Choose a local metal stamping company that:

  • Has extensive design and builds complex tooling experience including:
  • Metal stamping dies
  • Fixtures and Jigs
  • Gauges and in-process tooling
  • Details for existing dies
  • Has full-service stamping capabilities to meet your industry’s needs in the quality and quantity that you need.
  • Provides maintenance and trouble-shooting support on tooling and dies.
  • Offers high-precision wire EDM machining capabilities, including small intricate parts.

Choose Capabilities, Quality, Experience

Contact Velocity Metalworks, serving the greater St. Louis, MO area and the Midwest. We have become recognized as a leader in the metal stamping industry for our expert tool design and build competency. In addition, we offer comprehensive skills for metal stamping, precision machining, and EDM services. We offer the experience you can depend on to deliver great value in your tooling and stamping needs.